Testing and Measuring

It is vital that testing and measuring equipment is stored and transported safely and effectively to ensure that expensive and delicate equipment remain protected when not in use.

At Absolute Casing, we specialise in designing and building high-quality flight cases for testing and measurement equipment. We have created a range of flight cases dedicated to protecting testing and measurement equipment, including specialised flight cases to be used on site for fibre optic cable cleaning/testing and portable cases to be used at the roadside for drug testing purposes.

Our designers work with you to design a casing solution that fulfils your requirements and wishes - no matter how simple or sophisticated! Custom CNC routed foam fittings customise your storage space and provide shock-resistant protection for your items. Anti-static foam is available as protection for delicate electrical items.

We have a range of corporate branding options available for your testing & measurement cases to help promote your company:

Screen printed logos.

Total vinyl wrapping.

Coloured materials.

Powder coated furniture.

Powder coated extrusions.

Coloured foam.

Interested in a testing and measurement flight case? Please contact us to discuss your casing requirements.