Computer Maintenance Industry Cases

Regardless of the equipment you use, the effective and safe transportation of all types and sizes of tools, machinery and kit is vital within the computer maintenance industry.

At Absolute Casing, we ensure the safety and protection of your items while they are in transit thanks to our superb range of computer maintenance flight cases. We offer various flight case designs and styles such as our keyboard flights cases and monitor flight cases which are manufactured to house the different types of computer equipment you have.

Our bespoke computer flight cases are designed to keep your equipment and parts protected, maintained and well organised. We specialise in bespoke flight cases for delicate computer parts such as motherboards, cables, fans and more. Our designers work with you to create unique designs that fulfil all your requirements, no matter how complex they are. Our computer maintenance flight cases are designed to include intricate anti-static foam fittings to display and protect all of your items and these custom foam inserts.

We have a range of corporate branding options available to customise your keyboard flight cases and monitor flight cases:

  • Screen printed logos
  • Total vinyl wrapping
  • Coloured materials
  • Powder coated furniture
  • Powder coated extrusions
  • Coloured foam

These options are in place to allow our customers to create standout bespoke computer flight cases. If you do not find the exact product you require then do not worry! Our expert team are on hand to help you to find the keyboard flight case or monitor flight case that you need. Contact us by calling 01635 579 518 or by emailing us at