Computer Maintenance

Effective, safe transportation of all types and sizes of tools, machinery and kit is vital within the computer maintenance industry. Safe and effective transportation is ensured with our custom-made computer maintenance flight cases.

Our bespoke computer maintenance flight cases are designed to keep delicate equipment and parts protected and organised. Our designers work with you to create bespoke designs that fulfil all your requirements, no matter how complex. Our computer maintenance flight cases are designed with intricate anti-static foam fittings to display and protect all items.

We have a range of corporate branding options available to customise your computer maintenance cases:

  • Screen printed logos.
  • Total vinyl wrapping.
  • Coloured materials.
  • Powder coated furniture.
  • Powder coated extrusions.
  • Coloured foam.
Looking for a computer maintenance case? Contact us to discuss your casing requirements!