MAXgrip Waterproof Cases

MAXgrip waterproof hand-held cases provide you with a reliable & portable solution for protecting your electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and cameras.

Our MAXgrip waterproof cases are available with various interior options to provide optimum protection to a wide range of items.

The MAXgrip case range is particularly popular within the military due to their excellent durability and IP67 rating: MAXgrip cases can be submerged in 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes. The MAXgrip cases are also shock-proof and offer unbeatable protection for your items.

The MAXgrip waterproof case is comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic design, making it the perfect hand-held case to store your items in.

We have a variety of styles and sizes of MAX cases available but if you cannot find the right case for you, please contact us to discuss your casing requirements and options.