Production Flight Cases

We supply standard production flight cases to suit the needs and requirements of various customers. Our products are designed with your needs in mind, we ensure that each production flight case is made using the highest quality materials.

The flight case drawers are built to suit your exact standards, if you don’t find what you were initially looking for, our team of experts will be more than willing to provide you with a bespoke solution. Here at Absolute Casing, we offer in-house manufacturing and design to ensure that the production flight case suits your individual needs.

As with any of the products we supply, the flight case drawers are all tried and tested and are designed to exceed expectations. As well as this, we provide them to offer added strength, allowing you to use them more frequently without them breaking or damaging easily.

Our standard production flight cases are available in a choice of colours- enabling you to customise your flight case to suit your stylish needs. Absolute Casing also offers screen printing for the exterior of the case, this is ideal if you want to personalise your storage solution!

The production flight case is not only perfect for transporting your products or storing them, it allows you to organise them and know exactly where they are.

Don’t hesitate to find something suitable from our range of flight case drawers today!

If you cannot find a production flight case that is perfect for you, please contact us on 01635 579 518 to discuss your casing requirements with a member of our helpful team.

Standard Production Flight Cases