Plywood Shipping Crates

Plywood Crates

When shipping and transporting your items, it is vital that they have the maximum protection possible. At Absolute Casing, we offer a range of durable packaging solutions for shipping and transportation. Our range of plywood crates offer a practical and affordable casing option for the transportation of large or multiple items.

We can't lie, there is nothing too flashy about these plywood crates. However, they perform the job they are tasked with to an admirable standard, doing the best possible job of protecting your large range of products during transit. The hard wearing plywood material can withstand the testing conditions that it will inevitably be placed under time and time again,

We promise that our plywood crates provide you with high-quality, durable and hard-wearing protection for your items while shipping. Our plywood crates are designed and manufactured specifically to suit your requirements and are manufactured to BS1133 S8 guidelines.

Strong timber battens reinforce our plywood shipping crates and create a strong, professional and reusable shipping crate.

Plywood crates are available with easy open clips for simple accessibility. They are also available in a flat pack style that bolts down and can be unbolted when needed. We can include hinges on the panels that allow them to open easily if this is something that you require.

If you’d like to find out more about our Plywood Shipping Crate options, please call us on 01635 579 518 to discuss your requirements.

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