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Foam Inserts for Flight Cases

Custom Flight Case Foam Inserts

Flight cases offer the ultimate level of protection for valuable items in transit, we know that. But the true unsung hero, ensuring your belongings reach their destination safely, is flight case foam. This material keeps your items, no matter how uniquely shaped they may be, safe, secure and in position throughout the whole journey. The custom foam inserts provided here at Absolute Casing are guaranteed to be a perfect fit inside all kinds of flight cases, so you needn’t worry about their suitability. Transporting your products from one location to another has never been easier thanks to our range of flight case foam, available today.

 Not only does it provide maximum levels of security, but flight case foam can be tailored to suit any industry and any application! That’s right, no matter what you may be looking to transport, whether it be heavy musical equipment, expensive sports apparatus, or large electrical devices, we have you covered.

To achieve such a wide range of custom foam inserts, our in-house designers use CAD (Computer Aided Design) and a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router to create the highest standard of product. By using this method, we ensure the inserts provide maximum protection for any product you wish to store inside your flight case.

 Such is the versatility of our flight case foam, it’s available in many colours to suit your exact requirements and company branding. We understand that a consistent colour scheme is crucial when aiming for professionalism. This also gives you ample opportunity to create the perfect custom foam inserts to fit your exact needs, so you can be entirely confident with your choice.

At Absolute Casing we aim to make sure that each of our customers receives exactly what they’re looking for, so you can be sure that, when working with us, you can be the recipient of your perfect flight case foam, with no questions asked!

The custom flight case foam inserts that we provide are designed to suit the shapes and sizes of various products. Here at Absolute Casing, we are proud to offer an extensive range of custom foam inserts that are perfect for sporting equipment, musical instruments, medical supplies and much more. Contact us on 01635 579 518 or email to find out more.

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