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Foam Inserts for Flight Cases

Custom Flight Case Foam Inserts

Flight cases offer the ultimate level of protection for valuable items in transit. But the true unsung hero, ensuring your belongings reach their destination safely, is flight case foam inserts.

When travelling with expensive, fragile or important equipment, it’s understandable you’ll want to do what you can to limit impact-related damage when the items are in motion.

At Absolute Casing, we work hard to ensure our customers’ belongings are protected at all times. No matter how long your journey, you can count on us to provide you with high-quality flight cases and foam fittings that last.

Why should I get a custom flight case with foam inserts?

This material keeps your items - no matter how uniquely shaped they may be - safe, secure and in position throughout your whole journey. The custom foam inserts are guaranteed to be a perfect fit inside all kinds of flight cases, so you needn’t worry about their suitability.

Transporting your products from one location to another has never been easier thanks to our range of flight case foam inserts.

Not only do they provide maximum levels of security, but flight case foam inserts can be tailored to suit any industry and any item. No matter what you need to transport, whether it be heavy musical equipment, expensive sports apparatus, or large electrical devices, we have you covered.

Flight case foam inserts tailored to you

Using only the best quality materials, our custom foam inserts allow you to travel worry-free on both long-haul flights and quick journeys when used alongside our renowned flight cases.

To achieve such a wide range of custom foam inserts, our in-house designers use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router to create the highest standard of product.

This way, we’re able to create bespoke foam inserts to the exact measurements of your laptops, screens, instruments and more in a short space of time. The precise nature of these foam inserts means we can guarantee maximum protection for any product you wish to store inside your flight case.

Customise your flight case foam inserts

We understand all our customers have unique requirements when it comes to flight case foam inserts.

This is why we offer many colours to suit your personal style or company branding. A consistent appearance is crucial for a brand to stay memorable - our custom flight foam cases will help you catch the eyes of the people who matter.

All you need to do is send us your measurements and design preferences, and we’ll get back to you with some potential options, as well as advice on what we think will be best suited to your needs.

Our completely customisable, yet affordable services give you ample opportunity to create the perfect custom foam inserts to fit your exact needs, so you can be entirely confident with your choice.

Foam inserts are always a cost-saver

Transporting your important cargo in any old case could suit you fine. But if your items begin to roll or shake during the journey there’s a good chance they could chip, crack or break entirely depending on how delicate they are.

That means paying a fortune to have your items repaired. The more valuable the item, the more expensive it usually is to fix. So why not avoid this problem altogether?

Using foam inserts in your cases will not only absorb impact from any turbulent conditions, but bespoke foam inserts will hold your items firmly in place, eliminating any chance of movement whatsoever.

That means a safe journey for your cargo and more money in your pocket.

Get your custom flight case foam inserts today!

At Absolute Casing, we pride ourselves on delivering accurate and reliable products for our customers every single time.

The custom flight case foam inserts that we provide are designed to suit the shapes and sizes of various products. We are proud to offer an extensive range of custom foam inserts that are perfect for sporting equipment, musical instruments, medical supplies and much more. 

Contact us on 01635 579 518 or email to find out more.


Foam inserts offer a soft, protective internal cushion for your items, preventing damage that could happen as a result of impact, drops or other interferences. If your item is particularly valuable or important, like an expensive piece of technology, it’s highly recommended you use foam inserts for maximum protection.

Better still, foam inserts from Absolute Casings are catered to fit your goods down to the millimetre, to prevent rolling or movement of any kind in transit. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind they offer.

At Absolute Casing, we craft our foam inserts with the help of CAD and CNC technology, for foam insert cutting that’s unbelievably accurate. We can tailor our foam inserts to almost any shaped or sized item you need to transport safely and securely.

If you’re wondering whether or not your item can be properly housed in a flight case with foam inserts, get in touch and let us know what you’re working with. Once we have a better idea of what your item is and the measurements involved, we can guide you further.

Our foam fittings are durable and designed to last. But if you should ever need to replace them, get in touch with Absolute Casings and we’d be happy to have you as a customer again. Or, if you need new foam inserts for a new product, give us all the information we need to know and we’ll get to work on your next set of foam inserts made to your exact specifications.

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