Max Cases

Looking for a tough, durable and protective case that is still affordable on a budget? Browse no further - our MAX Waterproof Cases are the ideal solution to keep your precious cargo safe and secure when it's on the move or stored in a single location with unpredictable conditions.

All of the products in our extensive range of MAX Waterproof Cases are IP67 certified, meaning they are dustproof and waterproof, ensuring that your equipment is kept safe from damage at all times, no matter how difficult the conditions may be. So if you find yourself and your Max Waterproof Case caught in a sudden downpour, or if you’re visiting a worksite with a lot of excessive dust or similar particles, the items inside your case will not be affected in the slightest.

Absolute Casing Waterproof MAX Cases

Absolute Casing’s selection of MAX cases features tool cases, camera cases and standard waterproof cases, perfect for personal computing equipment and other fragile items that may be required to be stored in the cargo hold where travelling, and left unattended. But cargo holds aren’t always the safest places for delicate items, with shoddy belts and impacts from other passengers’ bags all putting your belongings at risk. However, thanks to their excellent impact resistance, along with their cushioning foam inserts, the items within MAX Waterproof Cases will remain intact even in situations like these - so you can get on your plane, train or coach without a worry.

To provide this high level of protection, you need high-quality materials, right? Each of our MAX cases is produced with the highest standard of materials, like tough polypropylene polymer, offering you a hard-as-nails waterproof flight case that you would normally associate with more expensive market options.

At Absolute Casing, we offer the most value-for-money MAX Waterproof Cases around, giving our customers unrivalled quality at an unrivalled price! We also give you ultimate customisation over your cases, as we understand that no two products are the same size or shape. If you’d like to benefit from a custom Maxcase foam insert, be sure to get in touch with one of our team and we’ll gladly discuss your options with you.

Whatever item you’re looking to store or transport, chances are our bespoke foam inserts can be crafted to meet your exact specifications - no matter how intricate your belongings may be. This is because we use industry-standard CAD software to design your inserts, before using Computer-aided Manufacturing applications to cut and shape your foam inserts down to the millimetre, offering the goods in your MAX Waterproof Case the most precise protection possible.

Learn more about MAX Waterproof Cases

If you want to learn more about our MAX cases, then simply have a look at the categories listed below for more information on each of our products. You can also give a member of our team a call today on 01635 579 518 to discuss your exact requirements and let them help you find the perfect protective transit storage solution. You can also drop us an email at or by filling out our online form.


Like all of the cases we stock here at Absolute Casing, our Max Case is extremely durable and doesn’t break the bank…what’s not to love?

You need a Max Case if you struggle to find a case to hold your cameras, computer equipment or tools securely, without it breaking or costing a bomb.

Our Max Cases are made from only the best materials to guarantee protection at all times, no matter the conditions.

Have further questions on our Max Case? Get in touch today.

Because of how our Max Cases can be personalised with various inserts and accessories, it’s hard to pin down an exact price. 

We have a range of colours and inserts to choose from, which will protect your valuables when taking them from A to B, while keeping in theme with your company image. 

What we can tell you is that we have some of the most competitive pricing on the market, and promise to provide you with high quality goods well below the standard pricing. 

For a personalised quote, give us a call today on 01635 579518.

The great things about our Max Cases are how customisable they are. We have a range of inserts you can use to store tools, camera equipment and computing accessories while you travel or when they’re not in use. 

Our Max Cases come in a range of sizes, so you’ll never be left with too much or too little space - you’ll struggle to find such a variety elsewhere. 

Have we not mentioned the items you want to store in your Max Case? Email us at with your questions and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our MAX Waterproof Cases are made from a hard-wearing polypropylene polymer. Known for its durability and ruggedness in a range of conditions, this material is specifically crafted to withstand heavy bumps from external sources without taking damage, making it ideal for crafting protective cases. It is used in various industries for similar purposes, like the automotive and construction industries, so when you buy a Max Waterproof Case, you know you’re getting something that’s built to last. If you’d like to know more about the specific makeup of MAX Waterproof Cases, reach out to Absolute Casing today - we’d be happy to advise!

Originally envisioned by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), IP ratings were developed to be the universal measuring standard by which resistance to solid or liquid particles - usually dust and water - can be determined and verified. Our MAX Waterproof Cases have an IP67 rating, meaning they are resistant to both dust and water, so sudden splashes or exposure to building site excess will not cause an issue with the case or its contents, offering customers complete peace of mind that their precious cargo is protected.

Along with the hard polypropylene polymer shell - which stands up very well to sudden impacts - the foam inserts provided by Absolute Casing for our MAX Waterproof Cases mean stored items are held firmly in position while offering soft cushioning, so impacts don’t cause rattling and potential damage to the products inside. This is perfect for storing and protecting items that are in transit, like those stored in a cargo hold or the boot of a car, where movements in the mode of transport can cause the case to wobble or slide unexpectedly.

Please note: our standard lead time for MAX cases is 3-5 days.

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