Hardigg™ Flight Cases

If you’re looking for reliable robust shipping cases, consider our range of Hardigg™ cases. Hardigg™ cases are designed to be strong and protective to provide your items with unbeatable protection. Hardigg™ cases are heat and chemical resistant, dust-proof and lightweight, perfect for industrial or military use. We have a wide range of Hardigg™ cases in a range of colours, sizes and styles for you to choose from. Hardigg™ cases can also be custom-made to suit your requirements.

Features of Hardigg™ Cases:

  • One-piece construction moulded from lightweight polyethylene.
  • Reinforced corners and edges.
  • Gasket parting lines.
  • Remains completely sealed throughout impact.
  • Splash and rain resistant.
  • Moulded-in stacking ribs.
  • Comfort grip handles.
  • Positive anti-shear locks.
  • Recessed hardware.
  • Pressure control valve.
  • Patented moulded-in metal inserts.
  • Air transport association approved: cases exceed ATA Spec 300 Category 1.
If you’d like to enquire about our Hardigg™ Cases or want help finding the perfect protective case solution for your specific requirements, then give our expert team a call today on 01635 579 518.

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