Durable, high-quality casing solutions are vital to protect the delicate equipment used within the security industry. At Absolute Casing, we have designed and built a wide range of security cases specifically to protect, transport and store security equipment. Our security flight cases are designed to be portable and fit for purpose. Whether you’re looking for a marketing case to display and present new products or a protective case to transport equipment; you’ll find the perfect security case at Absolute Casing.

Our designers work with you to create custom foam fittings that perfectly fit and display your items while providing maximum protection. We work to ensure that your foam fitting design fulfils your requirements and gives you the best possible marketing/protective solution for your products.

The marketing of security products demands effective demonstrations to potential customers. Our clients benefit from our bespoke security flight cases that can include corporate branding for the effective presentation of CCTV and access control products.

We have a range of corporate branding options available for your security cases to help promote your company/brand:

  • Screen printed logos.
  • Total vinyl wrapping.
  • Coloured materials.
  • Powder coated furniture.
  • Powder coated extrusions.
  • Coloured foam.

Interested in a security flight case? Please contact us to discuss your casing requirements.