Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding:
Company branding and marketing are vital for a successful product or company. At Absolute Casing, we specialise in designing and building cases that promote your brand as well as protect your items. We have a range of aesthetic options available upon request that allow you to personalise your flight case.

Screen Printing:
We can print logos, text and images onto your case with our in-house screen printing facility. A wide range of coloured inks are available.

Total Vinyl Wrapping:
Total vinyl wrapping involves wrapping the panels of your case in a design, logo or pattern. Total wrapping creates a high quality, eye-catching finish that leaves your case looking amazing; perfect feature for use at exhibitions.

Powder Coated Extrusions & Furniture:
We offer powder coating on our extrusions and furniture upon request. Powder coating is available in a range of colours in a matte finish. When paired with the same colour as the case material, powder coating adds an eye-catching element to the case. Powder coating is commonly used in the entertainment industry for all black cases to be used backstage.

Coloured Materials & Foam:
We have a wide range of coloured materials and foams available upon request. Coloured materials and foams ensure that your case stands out at a presentation or exhibition. Coloured materials can be used to organisation as well as company branding, in the medical industry coloured materials are commonly used to organise their cases into different categories based on the contents.

If you’re interested in any corporate branding options for your flight case, please contact us today. Call 01635 579 518 to speak to a member of our team or email

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