Ensure the show goes on with an audio visual industry case

Ensure the show goes on with an audio visual industry case

If you’re constantly travelling you want to make sure your equipment is safe and secure, right? There would be no bigger disappointment than getting to your destination and being met with the horrifying sight of damaged belongings – it could result in having to delay or even cancel an event, causing disappointment all round.

With a premium quality audio visual case from Absolute Casing, you can relax. With one of our excellent cases you can benefit from a number of neat features. Such as:

Suitable for all equipment

We understand that if you’re part of hosting a gig or presentation then there can be a lot more equipment involved than meets the eye! Electrical components are now more important than ever in maintaining the upkeep of such events and keeping them in premium condition is of paramount importance.

Whether you’re an inspiring DJ with a big break abroad, or you’re travelling with your projector to present at an important event, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Absolute Casing, we stock a variety of different cases to meet your exact needs. Be that from our range of DJ equipment flight cases or protective storage for a projector.

Can’t find a size that’s right for you? No problem. With our bespoke projector flight case service a projector that needs to be your trusty companion on the road, can travel safely.

Customise to fit your requirements

Now that you know you have a case that can fit around your equipment, it’s time to put your stamp on it and make sure it won’t leave your side. At Absolute Casing, we have audio visual cases that can be customised to be a heavy-duty case with enhanced padding, or something more lightweight to make it easy to carry from one place to another.

Our in house team of designers produce a CAD drawing of the items you need protecting. We then use our CNC router to produce precise foam fittings of the highest quality to keep the case’s content safe and secure. Whatever your requirement, our team can help.

Stay on brand

Branding is becoming a key part of marketing these days, and this is increasingly becoming the case in audio and visual sectors. This can be used effectively through your casing, by cleverly incorporating your brand into the design, something that we are happy to help with. The ability to use our screen printed logos on your audio visual flight case to help promote your company is also useful in spotting which case belongs to your company. This helps in a setting in which multiple audio or visual companies are working on one project, and there could be a potential misplacement of this equipment if many cases look the same.

Contact us

If you are looking for an audio visual flight case to house your equipment or want to enquire about any other cases that we stock, then feel free to contact us today. Get in touch on 01635 579 518 or email us at sales@absolutecasing.co.uk and we’ll be sure to help with any queries you have.


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