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At Absolute Casing, we are proud to supply one of the most complete ranges of flight cases around, each offering exceptional value for money. We understand that there is no limit on the selection of items that you may need to travel over a long distance. Especially if they are out of the ordinary and need specialist protection. When it comes to choosing the perfect flight case in the UK, you needn’t look any further than our extensive collection. 

The need for flight cases will never go away, as there will always be demand for solutions that keep your valuables safe when in transit. Whether this is a coach trip within the same country or a long-distance flight to the other side of the world, it's likely you'll need a specialise flight case to give you the peace of mind that your items are secure. This is why we are proud of our extensive range of cases to keep your products safe, no matter what they may be!

Big or small, something conventionally shaped or a little unorthodox, our expert service is able to assist you in every way possible.

We ensure that we offer a wide range of flight cases for sale so you can find exactly what you are looking for at the best prices, without having to shop around anywhere else!

Our team have many years of experience in the manufacture and production of high quality flight case solutions. Once you have discovered the friendly experts from Absolute Casing, you are set for life, knowing that you will not have to look elsewhere for the very best in custom flight cases.

Our flight case experts design and manufacture every one of our products in-house, so we can ensure that they meet your specific requirements. We make the most of our up to date facilities, equipment and highly-skilled staff giving you the exact product you are looking for. Our purpose built custom flight cases are available in a variety of bespoke designs, colours, styles and sizes, and are designed to exceed your expectations, no matter how niche they may be! Absolute Casing's expert designers constantly work with you to create the ultimate casing solution that protects optimal levels of protection for your items.

Choose from a huge range of Flight Cases

When it comes to choosing the right aluminium flight case for you, be sure to consider our range of high-quality cases. We have a huge selection for you to choose from, and if you can’t find the right case for you then we can work together to create a bespoke design, no matter how outlandish it may seem!

Upon request, we can fit CNC routed bespoke foam inserts into your flight case. These are tailored to fit perfectly within your flight case, keeping your belongings organised and secure, whatever shape they may be. Regardless of whether you choose one of our audio visual flight cases, drawer cases or sports cases, they are all designed to provide a high-stress solution for transporting your values from A to B. You can rest assured that all your belongings inside are well-protected from the vigorous process of long distance travel. Your flight case can be personalised to promote your brand with our range of custom branding options:

  • Coloured materials
  • Powder coated extrusions
  • Powder coated furniture
  • Screen printed logos and text
  • Total vinyl wrapping

The sheer selection of flight cases that we offer means that there is no flight case solution that is too off-limits. Over our many years as a company, we have proven our versatility and designed bespoke flight cases for a variety of uses. Whatever your requirements or intended use, we can help you design the perfect flight cases in the UK for you. So, be sure to take a look through our range for some inspiration and we can help design a case made to order that fits your requirements.

What material are flight cases made from?

The high quality flight cases on offer from Absolute Casing are made from strong and durable material that ensures that your item will be safe inside, even in some of the most testing conditions. Depending on the size of the flight case in question, it will be made with a different material that is best suited to the product inside and the conditions it will have to withstand.

Most of our flight cases are made from lightweight Astroboard to ensure that they are as light as possible for those that are carrying them around, as your comfort is always towards the top of our priority list when designing our excellent flight cases. We understand that transporting a flight case can be an uncomfortable and inconvenient task, especially if it is heavy and taxing on the body to lift.

With this lightweight material, we are able to make sure that you will be able to use the flight case at all times, with most of the weight being provided by the product inside.

We also offer an aluminium case solution for those that would prefer this material. Not only is aluminium a lighter option that makes it much more comfortable to carry, but it is exceptionally durable and resistant to corrosion. This means that it should last you a lifetime, making your purchase one that is of incredible value for money.

All of our flight cases also come provided with foam inserts as standard, an exact fit for your required product. This provides extra safety and solidity during transit, so you can rest assured that your valuable items are in the best possible hands with one of Absolute Casing’s many flight cases.

Are flight cases waterproof?

Here at Absolute Casing, our flight cases are sold with the intention of being used during flights or on transport that is over a long distance. During this mode of transportation, it is highly unlikely that they will encounter any water due to the structure of the plane/coach themselves. This is why they are not designed to be waterproof.

But not to worry! If you feel like water could enter your flight case at any moment, then we have a full range of products ready for you to browse through.

If you're in desperate need of a material that offers your item protection from the hazard of water, we offer a range of waterproof cases that offer protection against water damage. This should give you the peace of mind that you will be able to still use your valuables when you reach your destination. Not only this, but you will not be forking out for repairs, or a replacement should your products get damaged by water.

If you feel that your product may encounter these kinds of conditions, then it may be useful to check out our waterproof flight cases instead, which are designed with this specific function in mind. They offer the same qualities as all of our other flight cases but with a waterproof quality, so if you would like to benefit from this, view our dedicated page now!

What can I put in a flight case?

The answer to this is absolutely anything! Such is the versatility of the flight case; you can be sure that all of your problems with be solved. At Absolute Casing, we have designed flight cases as many items as you can think of over our years as a company. Whatever you need protecting from potentially tough conditions during transport, we have you covered.

This may be an expensive item that would cost a lot to repair or replace or something that holds personal value that you would hate to see broken during transit. Whether the item is big or small, wide, or thin, oddly shaped or a standard square, it doesn’t matter what you own, we’re on hand to provide you with the protective flight case you need. We are able to offer bespoke foam inserts that fit in flight cases of all shapes and sizes, making sure that whatever product you decide to take with you is given the ultimate protection at all times.

No matter how big or how small your item may be, we have a flight case designed to perfectly fit its size or shape. Our experience and skill in the field of designing flight cases puts us in a strong position when it comes to creating a solution that is perfect for your specific item. Check out our extensive range of flight cases below! We also stock an extensive collection of flight case drawers for you to store your items in.

Please note: We do not keep stock of our flight cases, our small and large flight cases are made to order. Please contact us for an exact lead time.

Cannot find what you are looking for? Please contact us by calling 01635 579 518 or email us at sales@absolutecasing.co.uk to discuss any of our flight cases range. Our experienced team can also talk through our full collection of casing solutions and answer any queries you have.

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