Aluminium Cases

Aluminium Cases

An aluminium case offers a stylish, strong and lightweight casing solution, so you can travel in style and comfort at all times. Such is our diverse range of products; we have a full variety of aluminium cases ready for you to check out today! We acknowledge that products of all shapes and sizes may need to be safely transported at one point or another, this is why our selection is suitable for many applications. Our cases are capable of carrying extensive loads and weights, giving you ample choice when it comes to deciding on your ideal fit.

We understand the importance of an aluminium briefcase in travel, which is why at Absolute Casing we want to ensure our customers that we supply the very best in transportation equipment in this field. Be sure to browse through our extensive range of metal briefcase solutions to familiarise yourself with our products before you decide on making the purchase.

If you are looking for an aluminium case, then you can be assured that you’re in capable hands here at Absolute Casing! Such is our wealth of experience in the industry, we’ve been able to perfect the range of products that we offer. This is why are proud to supply a complete selection of top of the range metal briefcase options, providing levels of protection that will certainly surpass any expectations you have. Our many aluminium flight cases can even be used to transport hazardous cargo and loads, as well as including several addons to aid your travelling experience such as side wheels, cylinder locks and castors.

As is to be expected, the range of aluminium cases on offer from Absolute Casing is the most durable around. We leave no stone unturned and strive to give our customers the best possible product and service. This is done by providing an aluminium briefcase that not only looks the part but is made to last for many years to come. We’ll guarantee that your case will be able to protect your chosen item/s from the rigorous conditions of cargo transport with ease. You will always have the assurance that your chosen product will be protected throughout the whole journey.

You’re able to benefit from aluminium cases that offer the ultimate protection for your valuables, as they ensure that they are properly and securely stored at all times. Even during transportation, in harsh conditions and varying environments, your belongings will be protected due to the immense strength of our aluminium briefcases. We have a wide range of cases to choose from, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find exactly what you require today.

The aluminium cases we have for sale are designed to be both stylish and professional, as well as reliable and hard-wearing. You can count on Absolute Casing to provide you with the most effective products – an aluminium briefcase or suitcase is easy to keep clean. This enables you to maintain the highest standards for longer periods, all whilst safely transporting and protecting your belongings.

We offer many aluminium carry cases that are sure to take your fancy. At Absolute Casing, we make sure that we offer a wide selection of products, as we understand no two sets of requirements are the same. So the more products we’re able to offer, the more chance you have of finding one that suits your exact specifications!

When it comes to keeping your items safe, an aluminium case is ideal thanks to the various shapes, sizes, designs and colours we have on offer.

Can’t find what you are looking for on-site? Please contact us by calling us on 01635 579 518 or email us at to discuss your aluminium case requirements. Our helpful staff can discuss the options at your disposal and also talk you through our full range of products!

How long does an aluminium case last for?

We understand that when choosing an aluminium case for travel, you’re going to want to make sure you pick the most durable option around. Here at Absolute Casing, we can assure you that we offer reliable, long lasting flight cases that will be by your side for many years to come.

Aluminium is a material that provides excellent corrosion resistance, meaning that it won’t rust or weaken should it be in a moist environment for a prolonged period of time. This is ideal should it be placed in a loading bay in an aeroplane for a long distance journey.

It’s with this in mind that we confidently state that an aluminium briefcase from Absolute Casing should last at least 15 years before you may want to look to upgrade. Of course, this period could be even longer depending on the amount of usage you get out of your product. But for consistent use, you shouldn’t have to be forking out for a new aluminium case for many years to come.

Are aluminium cases light?

Another reason why an aluminium case is so popular is due to its lightweight nature. After all, would you want to be carrying around a heavy piece of equipment in an even heavier travel case? This is why we pride ourselves on offering the light material aluminium as part of our selection of flight cases.

Not only is aluminium a strong and reliable material, but it is also light which makes it simple to manufacture into products such as flight cases. Aluminium is a third of the weight of steel, for example, coming in at 2.7g/cm³. This means that your aluminium briefcase should be comfortable to carry at all times.

This can be a godsend if you’re tasked with transporting heavy loads long distances. It provides you with the convenience you need to travel in peace, and with the reassurance that your goods are secure.

Is aluminium the best material for my flight case?

This is purely dependant on your preferences, as there are many materials out there that can make for excellently made flight cases. Plastic may be all you need if you’re wanting to take your items on short distance travels in a secure environment. However, should you want to benefit from the ultimate levels of protection over long distances, you may want to opt for aluminium.

The truth is, all materials have their pros and cons, but when it comes to durability and strength, you can’t go far wrong with an aluminium briefcase. You can be sure that your purchase is a safe one, as you will be issued with a case that will keep your valuables secure for as long as needed. No need to worry about their condition when using an aluminium case, as they will keep your chosen item/s protected at all times.

What would I use an aluminium case for?

If you deem yourself a pro traveller and are fed up with unreliable cases that break and dent after just a few uses, you’ve come to the right place. 

Aluminium cases are the perfect travel companion, for everything from tech equipment accessories to hazardous cargo. 

Although our cases can last a lifetime, it may be useful to invest in a selection to keep your goods protected. With various inserts, you can create your dream aluminium case to protect any of your items, even when it’s being transported in and around the airport or thrown under a coach. 

If you’re using the case for business purposes, we offer a range of personalisation options to keep in theme with company colours and values. This will give you an air of professionalism at events and seminars. 

How much do aluminium cases cost?

Our aluminium cases are made to order to your requirements, so it’s hard to identify a total cost for your custom case. 

Our more simple designs range from £120-£170, but if you have your eye on one of our more complex aluminium cases, get in touch with us today for a quote. 

The overall cost of your unique aluminium case depends on the size, colour, design and any inserts you choose to have to hold your items - so it basically depends on how fancy you’re feeling. 

How do I get an aluminium case?

Ordering your custom aluminium case couldn’t be easier with Absolute Casing. All you need to do is send us an email at with all of your specific measurements. Alternatively, give us a call on 01635 579 518 to speak to us directly and chat through your options. 

We have a wide range of designs and inserts to ensure your items fit securely, to limit the amount of damage done on long and sometimes turbulent journeys. If you need a better understanding of what we sell, browse our range below.

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