SKB Aluminium Cases

Here at Absolute Casing, we provide a complete range of products from the range of SKB. SKB flight cases are especially versatile and are suitable for various industries.

As a hard-wearing flight case, the SKB cases are ideal for any heavy-duty application. We price our flight cases to be competitive, ensuring you receive the best value for money. Our SKB flight cases are built to last, these too are lightweight in design and are suitable for all valuable products.

When it comes to finding a reliable storage solution, you needn’t look any further than Absolute Casing! We provide the SKB cases to enable you to store your products effectively, this is ideal if presentation is paramount.

For transporting your valuables from one place to the next, you can rest assured that the SKB flight case is one of the most cost-efficient investments you could possibly make. As well as this, SKB is ideal for transporting your equipment and valuables to events reliably, without them being damaged or destroyed, ultimately reducing any expensive repair costs.

From the collection of SKB we have at Absolute Casing, you can expect to find the KA44, KA64 and the KA74- be sure to choose something that suits your requirements specifically.

We have an extensive range of aluminium cases available, so if you cannot find what you’re looking for please call one of our team on 01635 579 518 to discuss your casing requirements.

KA 44 SKB Aluminium Cases KA 64 SKB Aluminium Cases KA 74 SKB Aluminium Cases