DJ Flight Cases

At Absolute Casing, we design and manufacture a range of DJ Flight Cases to provide the safe transportation and protection of DJ equipment such as turntables and mixing desks.

Our team of experts specialise in the production of DJ flight cases, so if you are looking for a mixer flight case or a turntable road case then look no further than our extensive collection.

With such an extensive range of flight cases to choose from, you are bound to find something suitable to carry DJ equipment in. Our variety of cases provides you with a multi-functional solution as not only can the mixer flight case make transportation easier, it provides you with a practical platform for performing at events and venues. 

Our DJ flight cases are designed to put your mind at ease, protecting your expensive equipment and ensuring you get the most out of your case! Absolute Casing supplies the turntable flight case and mixer flight case to suit your requirements more specifically and to make sure that you have a reliable solution for transporting your equipment to and from music events.

Travelling with DJ equipment can be a risky business, which is why you need to do everything you can to keep your gear safe - DJ flight cases are an excellent option. They eliminate the risk of scratches, cracks or other catastrophic damage which could cost you a fortune in repairs. Or you may need to replace your equipment entirely, depending on the severity of the damage, so investing in a DJ flight case could save you a lot more than you spend. 

If you are looking for a case product that is tailored to your individual needs, consider the custom-built DJ flight cases that we supply to musicians from all around the world. To provide additional protection for your equipment we can supply custom foam inserts upon request. As well as this our mixer flight cases are designed to be road-ready, offering resistance against the various conditions, impacts, and pressures that arise during transportation.

Whether you’re flying, driving or travelling by train, our DJ flight cases will give your precious equipment the protection it needs to avoid damage from any unexpected dangers. For example, if your flight case isn’t secured properly during transport and begins to slide around, our cases are designed to absorb any impact before it has the chance to break your equipment.

Or perhaps, if you’re on a train, and a clumsy passenger stacks their heavy bags on top of your DJ flight case, you won’t need to worry. Other cases may have split under the strain, but ours are reinforced to handle anything you can throw at them.

In terms of presentation, the DJ flight case collection we offer is a high-quality product that not only provides a highly reliable solution for safe transportation but also looks professional. Available in a range of colours including blue, red, black and grey with the option of screen printing, total vinyl wrapping and powder-coated furnishings; rest assured that there a flight case of this variety that is perfect for your needs.

Please call us on 01635 579518 or email us at if you require any further information. Alternatively, you can visit our contact us page.


Can you protect all DJ equipment with DJ flight cases?

Yes, we can. Beyond the traditional turntables and mixing desks, at Absolute Casing we’re able to accommodate virtually any DJ equipment you need to be protected. Even if what you’re working with is a particularly unusual shape or an unorthodox piece of kit, we can offer DJ flight cases to suit all your needs. This is because our special foam inserts can be tailor-made to fit the dimensions of your specific equipment, ensuring a snug fit and exceptional protection on every trip. If you’d like to find out more about our custom foam inserts and how we can help protect your DJ equipment, get in touch with Absolute Casing today.

Is it safe to travel with DJ equipment on a plane?

Travelling with DJ equipment on a plane is perfectly safe, providing you’re taking measures to properly protect your equipment. DJ flight cases from Absolute Casing will prevent any damage being sustained by your equipment, whether it is stored in the cabin or with the hold luggage. Most airlines will allow you to travel with your DJ equipment in the cabin, however, you should check with the airline before you book your flight just to be sure as the rules can vary between companies.

I also have other music equipment - do you have flight cases for instruments?

We do. If you’re planning on carrying more than just DJ equipment and need flight cases for other equipment and instruments, we’d be happy to help. For example, our guitar flight cases are expertly crafted to protect guitars of all shapes, sizes and brands, so you and your travelling musicians have everything you need to keep your instruments and gear safe in transit. Our DJ flight cases and guitar cases are also great for storing your equipment and instruments once you’ve arrived at your destination or venue - accidents are commonplace when there are so many people and things in motion, so you need to protect your investment with a rugged case.

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