Plastic Shell Cases

Plastic shell cases - sturdy, flexible and precise.

Here at Absolute Casing, we are the only UK suppliers of the BWH shell case. We have a wide range of plastic BWH cases available, so you needn’t worry about it matching your individual needs and wants.

If you’re looking for a sturdy solution for storing your valuables, look no further than Absolute Casing! We provide a variety of flexible cases that are designed to be eye-catching. Within our collection of the plastic shell, it’s inevitable that you’ll find something to suit your stylish needs.

Each BWH shell case that we supply is designed to ensure that you find a shell suitcase that accommodates your valuables reliably. Protection of your valuables is guaranteed thanks to a high-quality locking and hinge system and materials such as HPDE, polycarbonate, ABS or polystyrene. The purpose of the shell suitcase is for high-security applications, protecting your items from damage and theft.

The shell suitcase that we supply is guaranteed to make it easier for you to transport your valuables and to store them securely, after all, they’re manufactured to be lightweight!

Our BWH plastic shell cases are extremely easy to use and are available in a range of sizes, you’re bound to find the perfect plastic case here at Absolute Casing! We can even provide you with the option of custom foam fitting inserts for the best possible protection of your products and fantastic ease of use. There is also the option of screen printing to promote your company or brand.

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