DJ Mixer / Mixing Desk Flight Cases

At Absolute Casing, we have developed a range of flight cases to protect, store and transport DJ mixer / mixing desks.

Choosing a mixer flight case just got easier: Absolute Casing supplies a complete range of flight cases for you to choose from, allowing you to select one that accommodates your exact needs and wants.

The mixing desk flight case suits any DJ mixer model, making it a reliable choice for storing and protecting your equipment. Our DJ mixer flight case will provide you with the opportunity to take your DJ equipment to events, hassle-free. The fact that the mixer flight case is lightweight makes it a convenient option, allowing you to keep your equipment safe and secure.

Although the mixing desk flight case is a lightweight case, it’s designed to be durable, ensuring that your expensive equipment lasts!

When choosing a DJ mixer flight case, you have a wide range of cases to choose from, so you needn’t worry about finding one that accommodates your equipment seamlessly, however, if you require a bespoke solution, we can provide you with custom foam inserts to suit the items you need to protect.

You’ll find the DJ mixer flight case in an assortment of colours and styles so be sure to choose something suitable today!

Can’t find the right DJ mixer flight case for you? Please call us on 01635 579518 to discuss your casing requirements with a member of our team.