Medical Drawer Cases

At Absolute Casing, our selection of medical drawer flight cases are ideal for ensuring your medical equipment is both safe and organised when in transit.

The flight case drawers we provide are particularly popular with firms in the medical industry. The drawers inside offer controlled storage for your items and allows you to categorise the contents of your case. Detachable dividers are also used to allow you to create specific storage spaces within each drawer.

Specific mechanisms are used that only allow one medical drawer to be open at a time. This gives the drawers complete stability and prevents it topping over, which, if it occurred, would no doubt cause costly damage to your valuables.

To add even more protection to your medical drawer flight case you can include custom foam fittings in your order. They are created upon request and fit snuggly are your valuables to ensure they do not rattle around inside the case. As well as this we can further customise your case and drawers with our range of corporate branding options.

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