Laptop Flight Case

The majority of us use our laptops regularly. Yours probably even forms an important part of your day-to-day routine.

Whether we realise it or not, these expensive pieces of equipment hold everything. From your personal pictures to professional documents, even saved passwords used to access sensitive accounts including online banking and workspaces. This is all information you can’t afford to lose.

Being such an important and valuable piece of technology, it’s only natural you’ll want to do everything you can to protect it from damage and theft, especially whilst travelling.

Because we understand this need for security, here at Absolute Casing, we’ve created a wide range of laptop flight cases to store and protect your laptop while travelling from A to B.

By investing in one of our storage solutions, you can ensure maximum protection with a case that can be personalised to meet your exact requirements. 


Keep your laptop secure with a flight case

Working from home and ‘on the go’ has become more and more popular in recent years, so it’s vital that everyone knows how to keep their company devices safe from theft and damage.

When travelling with your laptop, it’s important to do everything you can to protect it. The best and most affordable way to do this is by using one of the durable, high-quality laptop flight cases available at Absolute Casing.

Scared of your laptop being stolen? Our laptop hard cases can help prevent this. Due to their smart security features, it’s impossible for someone - other than yourself - to open the case and steal the laptop before you realise it. Your laptop will stay firmly in your possession unless someone uses considerable force – which is hardly discreet!

Whether you’re travelling to your local cafe for some ‘out of office’ catch-ups or catching a flight for an overseas conference, our laptop flight cases are the perfect companion to protect your tech.

Laptop flight cases are designed to provide you with a secure solution, not only for transporting it from one location to the next but also for keeping it safe during periods when it’s not in use.

Many of our customers use their flight case on weekends or when they’re out of the office, to ensure no one else has access to their laptop and everything stored on it.


Laptop flight cases to suit every laptop

Our laptop flight cases are available to suit a wide range of laptops, so you can rest assured that there is a protective case for your electrical device, no matter what brand or size.

Whether you take your laptop home with you or leave it in the office, you’ll have the confidence it’s safe and sound, ready for when you next need it. 

At Absolute Casing, we make products that last and protect your laptops from damage for as long as you need them.

If your laptop isn’t housed in a case specifically made for flight use, it’s more likely to move around, increasing its risk of sustaining impact, which can lead to costly repairs and even irreversible damage.

All our laptop flight cases can be fitted with bespoke foam fittings to ensure your laptop is protected and held in a secure position at all times. This greatly reduces the risk of damage, and in most cases, eliminates it entirely.    

Our laptop flight cases are perfect for business use as they come with customisable storage areas for any essential equipment. This way, you can relax knowing that any wires and attachments you need are all in one place, rather than scattered loosely around your bag.

Your laptop is not only protected from damage, but you’ll also have easy access to everything else you need. So, you can say goodbye to rushing around trying to find things before an important meeting and hello to your new favourite storage solution.


Protect your laptop with a durable flight case

The main feature that our customers look for in a new laptop flight case is durability. After all, laptops are not cheap, so retaining their best condition for as long as possible is paramount.

Here at Absolute Casing, you can count on us to supply long-lasting equipment that allows you to get the best value for money out of your expensive devices.

Most of our flight cases are made from either aluminium or astroboard. These lightweight yet strong materials ensure your flight case is comfortable to travel with and will withstand any trying conditions it may face.

We also have a range of storage cases for supporting equipment, like screens and cameras, if you need them for presentations or work events. Just like our laptop flight cases, these can be customised to your specific needs for a completely bespoke solution.     


Laptop flight cases from a team you can trust

Our selection of cases is handpicked by our team of specialists who are always on hand to share their knowledge and help you find a suitable laptop hard case that will excel in protecting your laptop from damage.

We have 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to our laptop flight cases.

With our years of industry experience, we know how to design a laptop hard case that can withstand the rigorous conditions of long-distance transit.

That’s why our laptop flight cases have been taken all over the world by our customers with the confidence their possessions are safe at all times.

So, whether you’re travelling on trains, planes or in cars with your laptop, or just need somewhere secure to store it whilst it’s not in use, you can be sure your laptop and all its accessories are completely protected when using a laptop flight case.

Our ethos includes providing quality products to as many people as possible. Our competitive pricing means, no matter your budget or requirement, you’ll be sure to find the perfect laptop case in our extensive flight case range.

If you’re new to the world of protective cases, there’s no need to panic.

Our team of highly trained experts are on hand to ease your worries and answer any of your questions. For more information, get in touch with us today and we’ll get you set up with your new laptop flight case.                                      


Stand out from the crowd with a customised laptop flight case

We want our customers to be proud of owning a laptop flight case from Absolute Casing, which is why they’re completely customisable, so you can have your case just how you like it.

Our cases are easy to use, professional-looking, come in a variety of coloured materials and can be supplied with a range of optional extras, including:

  • Comfortable handles 
  • Wheels for easy transportation  
  • Screen-printed logos so you can put your own stamp on your case
  • Total vinyl wrapping for ultimate protection 
  • Powder-coated furniture
  • Powder-coated extrusions 

When you’re travelling for work and want to maintain a professional image, having a colour scheme in place and branding on your items is the perfect way to do so. It not only shows you're proud of your company, but it also ensures those in the meeting remember you and your brand. 

With a custom laptop flight case from Absolute Casing, you’re guaranteed professionalism when you go to your next meeting or conference, as well as ultimate comfort when roaming the airport.


Bespoke laptop flight cases

Our team always strive for perfection, and we aim to supply every customer with a laptop flight case they love.

With that said, we understand sometimes your requirements are slightly different to the norm.

Perhaps you need to travel with multiple laptops all at once or want to combine your laptop storage with additional equipment.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for within our range of flight cases, don’t hesitate to get in touch. By telling us your requirements, we can create a completely bespoke case that not only keeps your laptop protected, but also fulfils your storage needs. 


Get your laptop flight case today

If you’re on the lookout for a bespoke laptop hard case, you don’t have to look any further than our collection.

Have a specific branded laptop? Our range contains laptop cases for Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Toshiba, and many more, so there is no danger of ill-fitting cases or anything sliding around while you’re travelling. Your new laptop flight case will be manufactured to the exact measurements for your laptop, so it always stays secure. 

Make your technology investments last longer by checking out our range of laptop flight cases today.

With our broad range of laptop flight cases, we’re confident you’ll find something you’ll like.

However, if you’re struggling to decide on which case is right for you, get in touch with us today.

Call us on 01635 579 518 to speak to one of our team, or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to answer your questions.


Laptop Flight Case FAQs

Are laptop flight cases expensive?

The price of a laptop flight case from Absolute Casing is dependent on your requirements, including the size of the case you need and any optional extras you choose to purchase. 

The good news is, we make some of the most affordable cases on the market, meaning you can expect a high-quality solution without breaking the bank. 

Each of our flight cases can be customised to include your company logo and colours, or coated for a professional yet protected case that will last through every journey. 

You can’t put a price on safety, especially when important files and information are at stake. By investing in one of our laptop flight cases, you can store or travel with your laptop without worrying about theft or damage. 

For a personalised quote, all you need to do is get in touch with us today. Make sure to include as much information as you can about what you want to store in your laptop flight case, and if you’re interested in any personalisation. This way we can recommend a solution that fits your budget.


How do I order a laptop flight case?

Ordering a flight case couldn’t be easier than with Absolute Casing. Our team are always on hand to answer any questions and offer advice when shopping for a new laptop flight case. 

Every customer is different and requires a laptop flight case for a different reason. It could be storage or frequent travel. No matter your specifications, we’re confident we have the solution for you.

Your first step is to get in touch

To start your order, send your requirements to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a personalised price. 


Why should I choose Absolute Casing for my laptop flight case?

Absolute Casing is the home of secure storage cases. We design and create everything from laptop flight cases to DJ controller flight cases completely in line with each customer’s unique requirements. 

Our bespoke cases allow you to create a laptop flight case that suits your lifestyle. Whether you want to protect your tech on the go or simply require a secure place to keep it at the weekend, we guarantee you’ll benefit from a laptop flight case. 

We aim for customer satisfaction every time. To achieve this, we’ll work with you to ensure you get your new favourite travel companion. 

If you have any further questions or want to find out more about our laptop flight cases, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01635 579 518 - we’re more than happy to help.


Can I personalise my laptop flight case?

Here at Absolute Casing, we’re happy to customise your flight case.

As well as foam fittings to ensure your laptop is secure at all times, we can also create additional storage areas to house any laptop accessories you may require – your charging lead, USB sticks and more.

But it’s not just the inside we can customise.

Although durability is the number one priority when it comes to a laptop flight case, we also know just how important looks are.

That’s why we offer a variety of customisable options – from coloured materials to vinyl wrapping.

For example, perhaps your laptop flight case will be joining you whilst you visit customers across the world? Thanks to our screen printing facility, your brand can be printed onto your case, ensuring your company won’t be forgotten.


I don’t see a flight case for my laptop. Can I get one made?

It would be impossible for us to stock flight cases for absolutely every laptop make and model, which is why you might not be able to find yours on our website.

However, don’t worry – we can create a bespoke laptop flight case to suit your specific laptop.

We know just how important a secure laptop case is when it comes to protecting your equipment from theft and damage. So, no matter the size, weight or brand, we’re happy to help.

Simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirements by giving us a call on 01635 579 518. Alternatively, you can email us at, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Just make sure to include some information about your requirements so we can provide you with an accurate response.


Why do I need a laptop flight case?

The simple answer is to protect and secure your laptop.

Whether you travel a lot for work, or just want peace of mind that when you do travel, your laptop will be safe from damage, a laptop case from our flight case collection is the answer.

Designed with your requirements in mind and manufactured from durable materials, a laptop flight case from Absolute Casing ensures ultimate protection at all times.  

From turbulent flights to rickety train journeys, even when travelling by car, a laptop case is sure to protect your laptop from any damage it may incur.

Laptop flight cases also ensure your laptop is kept in a safe, secure environment when it isn’t being used – at the weekend, for example.

Plus, all of our laptop flight cases benefit from additional smart safety features, meaning only you can open your laptop case. This allows you to travel in peace, knowing your laptop is entirely secure within its case.