Drum Kit Flight Cases

Choosing a drum kit flight case does not need to be difficult. We supply custom and standard Hardcase Drum Cases, here at Absolute Casing, making it easier for you to keep your drum kit safe and for you to transport your instrument from one place to another.

Drum Kit Flight Cases are not only designed to be robust and durable in order to protect the items inside, they are guaranteed to provide you with the best value for money - our prices are available upon request. Due to our Hardcase Drum Cases being custom-built, you also do not need to worry about them accommodating all your musical equipment.

Our drum road cases are tailored to suit the requirements of your drum kit and each compartment of the Hardcase Drum Cases we offer comes foam lined to provide an additional amount of protection to your belongings.

The range we offer below each contains individual compartments for each piece of kit to ensure that it fits perfectly and is held securely in place, while the designing of the drum kit flight case is carried out by our expert in-house team who ensure the quality of your case.

The Hardcase Drum Cases are heavy duty flight cases which are ideal if you want to prevent your drum kit from being damaged and wish to take it from one place or gig to another. By investing in one of our products, you can prevent the need to replace your equipment, ultimately keeping your expenditure to a minimum.

Why not choose a drum kit flight case from Absolute Casing? Our range is available in a selection of colours! Contact us on 01635 579 518 to find out more or email sales@absolutecasing.co.uk.