Camera Flight Cases

Here at Absolute Casing, we provide camera flight cases to suit all photographers’ needs, so be sure to check out our range here today!

Our camera hard case is perfect for protecting cameras and other delicate audio and visual equipment, ensuring that there is no compromise made to their quality. Any camera lens case is manufactured with your needs in mind, so you can rest assured that they will fit your valuable items in perfectly.

Cameras and lenses aren’t just delicate in their design, but they’re incredibly expensive to replace or repair, meaning a sudden accident could cost you hundreds or thousands if your gear isn’t properly protected in transit. Our camera hard cases offer impeccable protection for your camera and lens of choice - whatever make or model they happen to be.

Crafted from ultra-durable materials with hard metal edges for even greater protection, photographers and videographers can rest easy when they’re on the move, knowing their trade tools are protected to the highest degree with a sturdy, tough-as-nails camera hard case.

Any camera hard case that we supply at Absolute Casing will be manufactured by our team of in-house designers who have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise over time. The same is true for our special foam inserts, which are manufactured to meet the precise measurements of your gear.

In terms of transportation, the camera flight case is one of the most manoeuvrable cases that we provide. Ergonomic rubber handles make even the heaviest gear a breeze to carry around, while working professionals can benefit from having custom colours and designs printed on their camera hard case.

Photographers and videographers looking to transport equipment to events and venues will benefit from our camera hard case or camera lens case because it will make sure that all equipment remains in one piece and doesn’t become damaged or destroyed.

To find out more about the camera lens case, call us on 01635 579 518 today.


Do I really need a camera hard case?

If you’re an amateur or professional photographer and you travel extensively with your photography gear, storing it in a standard camera bag might have worked up to this point, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid disaster forever. A durable and rugged camera flight case is the best way to ensure your precious gear remains intact during transportation, so you don’t need to fork out hundreds for a repair, or thousands for a new machine entirely. Camera flight cases offer photographers and videographers like you the ultimate peace of mind.

Can your camera hard cases fit any camera or lens?

Our camera flight cases can fit virtually any style, brand or model of camera thanks to the inventive foam inserts we use. These protective foam inserts are custom-made using special computer programs to create the perfect fitting foam insert to hold your specific camera or lens in place throughout the duration of your travels, ensuring it doesn’t rock, roll or slide in the box and become damaged. Get in touch with Absolute Casings today to find out more.

Can your camera hard cases absorb impact?

Yes, our camera hard cases are built to withstand the bumps and knocks you can expect to experience in any mode of travel - whether by land, sea or air. They’re reinforced with heavy-duty metal corners that are designed to absorb impacts from unexpected movement or from other objects in the surrounding area, along with being crafted from high-quality, durable and lightweight astroboard. If you have any other questions about the protective qualities of our camera hard cases, feel free to reach out today.