IT Cases & Computer Flight Cases

Travelling with expensive IT and computer equipment comes with its costs. If not stored correctly, your equipment could be knocked, broken, and cracked in transit - which no one wants. If it gets damaged, you will be looking at expensive repairs, or in a worst-case scenario, a full-scale replacement. After a long-haul flight, the last thing you’ll want is to find your personal or work computer is damaged beyond repair due to rigorous conditions during travel.

But how do you protect your devices when travelling without having to spend a fortune?

Here at Absolute Casing, we understand that keeping your devices safe while travelling is a top priority for a lot of people, which is why we’ve developed the finest and safest IT cases for our customers. These bespoke products offer effective, safe transportation of IT equipment of all types and sizes, providing the perfect solution for your needs.

We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, allowing our customers to protect their devices without breaking the bank. Just because we offer such a reasonably priced selection, it doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Your Absolute Casing flight case is designed to last, so it can quickly become your favourite flight companion. With our famous combination of supportive and durable materials, you won’t find such high-quality and hard-wearing cases anywhere else.

Our flight cases are so popular because of the unique features that are included, like the anti-static foam in our 19-inch rack cases. IT cases aren’t just for long-distance travel - they’re also perfect for storing equipment in your office or warehouse when it’s not being used. Companies and individuals find this very useful, as it means they can freely move computers between or around sites for maintenance or relocation purposes without risking damage.

We understand that branding is important for all types of companies, which is why we offer bespoke services to ensure your IT cases suit your style needs, too. For meetings overseas, it’s an opportunity to show professionalism and dedication to your brand. Our cases offer a range of corporate branding options, so you can personalise your computer flight cases to fit your business.

Have a look at some of the extras you can add to your flight case:

  • Screen printed logos to promote your company
  • Total vinyl wrapping
  • Coloured materials
  • Powder-coated furniture
  • Powder-coated extrusions
  • Coloured foam for a personalised touch

Our range of products aren’t exclusive to laptops and computers. We also stock a variety of flight cases designed perfectly for printers, scanners, and desktop monitors, so you never have to worry about your belongings getting damaged when you travel ever again.

Each case comes with extra storage for any loose equipment, including wires and computer attachments, so you can relax knowing that you have everything you need to set up once you reach your destination.

Our team doesn’t like keeping helpful secrets, so we’re always on hand to share the knowledge we’ve built up. If you need advice on how to pick your bespoke transport storage solution, give us a call today on 01635 579 518.

You can also drop us an email at the brand and measurements of your IT equipment, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our recommendations.