We focus on using the MHRA guidelines as a basis for the design and manufacture of our custom medical flight cases.

We have created a wide range of medical flight cases for a variety of applications including marketing cases, medical instrument cases and prosthetic/implant display cases. We also have a variety of casing options available including custom flight cases, padded bags and Correx boxes.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, practical and cost-effective alternative to a medical flight case, our padded bags and Correx boxes are the perfect casing solution for you. Our medical padded bags are designed and made to your requirements; custom foam fittings, pockets and compartments create a protective and organised storage space for your items. Absolute Casing have designed & patented the hermetically sealed Correx box. The sealed fluted edges ensure that there is no risk of cross contamination.

We have a range of corporate branding options available to personalise your medical cases:

  • Screen printed logos.
  • Total vinyl wrapping.
  • Coloured materials.
  • Powder coated furniture.
  • Powder coated extrusions.
  • Coloured foam.
Interested in a medical case? Contact us to discuss your casing requirements.