Why Choose Absolute Casing?

by John Doe

There are a handful of good flight case companies available but what makes us different?

At Absolute Casing, we specialise in quality. We go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure that your items are protected and stored safely and efficiently. All our flight cases are built with standard double angle extrusions that promise quality and protection for your items.

A single angle extrusion will protect your items to an extent but it won’t be able to withstand the “wear and tear” of repeated transportation. Our flight cases are built to protect; our double angle extrusion ensures that your cases will be durable, strong and hard-wearing.

The image on the left shows the industry standard single angle extrusion. The image on the right shows Absolute Casing's standard double angle extrusion. A flight case from Absolute Casing is guaranteed to provide you with the highest quality protection that you won't find elsewhere.

Single Angle Extrusions vs Double Angle Extrusions

We put the single angle extrusion and the double angle extrusion to the test to see which is more durable. Watch this video to see the results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVl4MZl5iyk