The advantages of using a plastic carry case

by Emily McEwan

Here at Absolute Casing , we provide a selection of lightweight and secure plastic cases, which are constructed using high-density polyethylene (HPDE) and can be used for an array of applications.

Plastic carry cases are ideal for storing and transporting items in an easy and secure manner, in comparison to other storage products which may be too heavy and unsuitable for your requirements.

Our plastic cases are a practical and cost-effective solution which will benefit either you or your business in the long-run.

Top 3 benefits for choosing a plastic case

1. Robust material

All our plastic cases have been constructed using blow moulding and deep-drawing, which helps create a high-quality and durable HPDE plastic case, that lasts and withstands extreme conditions.

Our bwh Koffer CasysBox plastic case range are some of our most robust products, as they are actually tested to military standards to ensure that they are resistant to adverse temperatures, radiation, chemicals, and more potentially damaging forces. This makes it the ideal storage facility for items that require complete protection, which can be enhanced by installing a foam insert for additional protection and support.

2. Low-maintenance

One of the great advantages of purchasing a plastic case is that it will require little to no maintenance. Plastic is extremely easy to clean, which means the loading and unloading process is done in quick succession.

Plastic cases are also far easier to transport than other materials, such as wood and metal, as plastic is lightweight. This makes it the perfect option for time-sensitive conditions, in which items must be delivered within a specific time.

3. Tailored designs

At Absolute Casing, we stock a variety of plastic custom case solutions which are catered to suit every individual customer’s needs – whether you require a heavy-duty case for larger items or for more delicate items you may wish to search through our WAG Tekno case range .

This selection of plastic cases is not only ideal for protecting fragile possessions, but they can also be used to promote your brand through our custom screen-printing service. This allows us to display your brand name or logo on the front of your plastic case, which can be constructed in a variety of colours and over 12 sizes, making it unique to your business.

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We stock a variety of plastic cases that can be tailored in accordance with your preferences. Whether you require a large plastic case, suitcase or briefcase, they are all available across our wide selection of product ranges, including:

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