Speaker/Amp Flight Cases

Any amp flight case form Absolute Casing is guaranteed to last. We specialise in the manufacture of the amp case, making it suit your individual requirements.

Our speaker flight case can be custom-made to match your exact standards, providing you with a suitable solution for storing, transporting and protecting your audio equipment. As with any of the flight cases that we manufacture, the amp case is made to order, so you needn’t worry about finding a case that fits your amp perfectly, without compromising quality.

Here at Absolute Casing, we cater for an array of needs and wants, providing a speaker flight case deemed suitable for professionals, freelancers, studios and venues. Regardless of what you need to store in your amp flight case, Absolute Casing can provide a heavy-duty case to accommodate all shapes and sizes, each resisting various impacts.

When taking your amp or speaker to events, we understand just how important it is to get them there in one piece, hence why you need an amp flight case from Absolute Casing! The amp case is designed to be convenient, providing you with a solution that is not only easy to carry but priced affordably, providing you with the best value for money.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team should you need to know any more about our speaker flight case!