Drone Cases!

by John Doe

At Absolute Casing, we have developed various cases/internals to protect and store drones.

The most recent drone case that we’ve worked on was for H Robotics:

  • The case protects and stores all equipment needed for the drone, making this case very user friendly.
  • The case has custom foam fitting inserts that provide shock-resistant protection, it provides bespoke storage space for the batteries and aerials, a mount for the screen and a stand for the iPad used to control the drone.
  • We’ve even included a charging station within this case that links to useful LED panels on the outside of the case that tells you the amount of charge that the drone has.
  • The case also has a detachable launch/landing pad that features the H Robotics logo, produced by our screen printing technologies.
H Robotics Drone CaseH Robotics Drone Case H Robotics Drone Case
More examples of drone cases:

Drone CaseDrone Case


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