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Standard Range

Peli Standard Range is filled with a variey of cases that are designed to provide you with perfect protection for your items.

The Peli Protector™ Case has been thrown out of helicopters in Iraqtowed along frigid fjords in Norway, and rolled over by SUVs in Tanzania. With only a few scratches to show on the outside, contents are left unscathed. Peli Protector™ cases are also "Permanent Packaging Solutions" with less impact on the environment.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please call us on 01635 579518 to discuss your casing requirements.

Please note: our standard lead time for Peli cases is 3-10 days.

Waterproof Standard Peli Micro Range Waterproof Standard Peli Small Range Waterproof Standard Peli Medium Range

Waterproof Standard Peli Large Range Waterproof Standard Peli Rifle Range