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Padded Bags

At Absolute Casing, we supply the padded equipment bags to suit the requirements of all customers. Each padded bag can incorporate a bespoke foam insert upon request, providing you with a protective solution for your equipment.

Our padded case is a lightweight alternative to flight cases, allowing you to transport items with the peace of mind that they are secure. Any padded bag from Absolute Casing is guaranteed to provide extra protection for your valuables, preventing them from any damage.

When it comes to choosing a reliable padded bag, you needn’t look any further than Absolute Casing! Our padded equipment bags are designed to be strong and sturdy, allowing you to protect any equipment that you need to store and transport.

Our padded bags are available in a range of colours to suit your company branding. We also offer custom embroidery to help promote your company and brand.

The padded case is designed to fit your equipment comfortably, enabling you to maintain the quality of your products. As well as this, you can present your valuables professionally, making them more eye-catching- can you afford not to browse our collection of padded cases?

Medical Padded Bags & Foam Fittings