Absolute Casing are proud suppliers of the SKB Roto X, offering outstanding quality and durability. They’re made using rotational moulding, providing a bespoke solution for carrying products safely. The waterproof SKB Roto case is guaranteed to protect your valuables, protecting them from damage.

We supply the Roto X in a choice of dimensions, accommodating products of all shapes and sizes. The Roto case is designed to store items securely but can also be used to transport them with ease. When it comes to storing items, you cannot go wrong with a Roto case from Absolute Casing- each of our cases is stackable, making it more convenient for you.

For heavy-duty applications, we recommend our SKB Roto case. Offering impact resistance and sturdy protection, the SKB Roto case is guaranteed to last, allowing you to maintain the quality of your valuable equipment for longer.

Whether you’re looking to transport musical instruments or TV screens, our Roto case incorporates a compact design and provides a lightweight solution for protecting your products. Don’t hesitate to choose something suitable from our extensive collection today!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please call us on 01635 579518 to discuss the SKB Roto X range with a member of our team.

£391.67 (£470.00 inc tax)
£448.52 (£538.22 inc tax)
£513.94 (£616.73 inc tax)
£576.94 (£692.33 inc tax)
£621.79 (£746.15 inc tax)
£401.29 (£481.55 inc tax)
£776.40 (£931.68 inc tax)
£406.75 (£488.10 inc tax)
£634.89 (£761.87 inc tax)
£394.65 (£473.58 inc tax)
£779.21 (£935.05 inc tax)
£567.02 (£680.42 inc tax)