London Fashion Week!

by John Doe

We recently designed and manufactured a set of shop furniture Flight Cases for True Staging. These flight cases were used in London Fashion Week 2017 at the Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Rock Circus.

The full set of shop flight cases consisted of 2 x chests of drawers, 1 x desk, 2 x shop counter and various smaller cases for accessories.

True Staging Shop Flight Cases

This full set of shop furniture flight cases was designed and manufactured within a 3-day turnaround! We’re very happy with the results and we think that the cases looked perfect at London Fashion Week.

Tommy Hilfiger Twitter Screenshot

Our flight case featured in the background of this image that Tommy Hilfiger tweeted of Gigi Hadid! (This image was screenshotted from Tommy Hilfiger's twitter, we did not take this photo).

For more information on these cases, please visit the “standard flight case furniture” page.