England Rugby Club

by John Doe

At Absolute Casing, we were asked to design and create a series of flight cases for the England Rugby Team.

We built 6 different bespoke flight cases that were designed to make life easier with customised drawers and storage spaces.

Screen printing and coloured materials have been used to make these cases stand out and promote the team colours and badge. These features create a professional image and create cases that would be a perfect addition for every sports team.

England Rugby Club Flight CasesEngland Rugby Match Day Flight Case

The match day case and the shirts case were designed to keep kit organised. The labelled drawers allow the team to keep all clothing organised and tidy whilst the rail in the shirts case with personalised hangers allow the team to keep clean shirts crisp andclean while travelling.

The front panel of the match day case also works as a table! Hidden table legs in the back of the panel pull down and transform it into a useful table.

England Rugby Workstation Flight CaseEngland Rugby Club Flight Case

The workstation flight case features drawers with customisable storage space and a desk space where a laptop can be plugged in.

For more information on these flight cases and other flight cases that have been designed for sports teams, please visit our “Sports Flight Cases” page.