AL1414-0705 Cube Hardigg™ Case

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Cube Hardigg™ Cases are compact and lightweight cases that are perfect for protecting and transporting a wide range of items. Cube Hardigg™ Cases are shock-proof, watertight, dust-proof, heat resistant and chemical resistant to provide your items with unbeatable protection. Hardigg™ Cases are moulded from one-piece construction polyethylene with patented metal inserts for extra strength.

Please note: as these cases are built to order we must allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.

  • Interior Dimensions: 355.6 x 358.6 x 303mm
  • Lid / Bottom Depth: 131.6 x 171.5 x 303mm
  • Exterior Dimensions: 431.8 x 434.8 x 345.7mm
  • Buoyancy: 58.34kg
  • Weight Without Foam: 6.58kg
  • Temperature Range: -28.89˚C / 60˚C
  • Volume: 38.65l

We have hundreds of Hardigg™ Cases available, but if you cannot find the case that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us and discuss your casing requirements.