Flight Cases for your Sports Equipment

Flight Cases for your Sports Equipment

Are you looking for a case to carry your sports equipment? At Absolute Casing, we provide a huge selection of sports cases. Our range is professionally designed by our expert team. They work with CAD and Alphacam technology to produce flight cases for your sports items. They are made to meet your exact specifications.

Sports Case with Double Angle Extrusions

Our sports flight cases are ideal for any teams, organisations or clubs. Whether you play football, cricket, tennis or any other sport for that matter, we can accommodate your case requirements. As well as being used to house all your equipment, they are perfect for protecting the more delicate items you have.

Our sports cases are manufactured using double angle extrusions. This makes them significantly tougher than a standard case built with a single angle design. The sports equipment flight cases we supply can withstand rough shipping and weather conditions so you can rest assured your belongings will be safe and sound inside. A double angle extrusion makes for a more impact resistant, strong case.

If you would like to add further protection to your items you can include custom foam inserts in your order. They are designed in-house using our CNC router and we create them so they fit snuggly around the items inside.

Bespoke Sports Flight Cases

We design sports flight cases completely bespoke to your needs. Our talented designers work with you to create the exact case you need in the size and shape you specify. We guarantee that every product we supply is made with customer focus at the forefront of the design. This is in line with our ISO 9001 certification which also recognises our ability to perform the correct, desired management processes.

If you wish to customise your sports case you can do so using our range of corporate branding options. They are as follows:

  • Screen Printed Business Logos
  • Vinyl Wrapping
  • Coloured Materials
  • Coloured Foam Fittings
  • Powder Coated Furniture
  • Powder Coated Extrusions

Additional sections, drawers and lift out trays can also be included in the design of your case.

Expert Communication

From when you originally contact us to the moment you receive the cases you have ordered we stay in constant communication. The first step we make is to arrange a phone call or a meeting with you. We use this to discuss your ideas and the specifications you have for your new sports flight cases. We can also use this first conversation to talk you through previous designs we have produced for a range of professional sports institutions, teams and clubs. We have previously worked with the following:

  • Sky Sports
  • England Rugby
  • Team GB
  • Manchester City FC
  • Manchester United FC
  • Southampton FC
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC

Once designs are agreed we will draw up plans for the case range. They are sent for you to review and once you give us the go-ahead, we get to work manufacturing your sports cases. Samples are available throughout the production process.

Contact Absolute Casing

Take a look at our sports flight cases to see the type of designs we can create. If you need any further information or you would like to arrange a meeting, do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful, experienced team. Contact us on 01635 579 518 or via sales@absolutecasing.co.uk.


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