Choosing an Audio Visual Flight Case

Choosing an Audio Visual Flight Case

Are you looking for a flight case for your audio visual and lighting items? Here at Absolute Casing, we provide a huge range of lighting flight cases which are ideal for use and presentation at exhibitions, conferences and business meetings. Our collection is capable of housing a variety of equipment such as your lights, cameras, speakers and screens. But what benefits are there to choosing us?

High-Quality, Long Lasting Cases and Inserts

Our audio visual flight cases are made using double angle extrusions. They are, therefore, much stronger, more impact resistant and last a lot longer than ones made using single angle extrusions. They provide a superior level of protection to your valuables and can withstand even the most harsh, extreme shipping conditions. We pay great attention to detail when producing your lighting cases. Manufactured using first-class materials and extrusions you can rest assured your equipment will be safely transported from one place to another.

We provide custom foam inserts for inside your flight case. We produce them using CAD and our CNC router. They offer another degree of protection to your items by snugly fitting around them. This prevents them moving or rattling around the case when it is in transit - something which could cause considerable damage to delicate equipment like cameras, screens or lights. They are perfect for presenting and organising your products and come in range of colours and shapes.

Custom Cases

All our audio visual flight cases can be customised to suit your company branding. This can really make your cases stand out from the crowd! We provide the following methods of case customisation:

  • Screen Printed Business Logos
  • Vinyl Wrapping
  • Powder Coated Furniture
  • Powder Coated Extrusions
  • Coloured Materials
  • Coloured Foam Fittings

We are always happy to discuss your casing needs and to create custom designs as you require. Our cases can be combined with a variety of drawers and compartments as well as a range of lift out trays.

Constant Communication

To ensure you receive the exact flight case you require we stay in constant communication throughout the conception to creation process. We can arrange an initial meeting to collate ideas for the type of lighting case you would like. We then draw up custom designs, which are sent to you to review and approve. We then begin the production of your cases and can even provide samples along the way to make sure the design is exactly what you want. While we do have a selection of standard size cases in stock, many of our cases are bespoke productions, built specifically for each customer. They are manufactured in house by our team of talented designers.

Companies Who Use Us

We have worked with many world-renown companies to provide them with audio visual and lighting flight cases specific to their needs. Many of the firms we work with are our regular customers:

Businesses from across the continent choose to work with us. Standard delivery is possible both within the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. We even offer deliveries to other countries around the world for an extra cost.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company. This means that every case we produce and supply meets the accreditation’s standards. These standards are centred around an excellent management of processes and a strong customer focus.

Contact Absolute Casing

View our audio visual flight case range to get a feel for our designs. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please contact our helpful, knowledgeable team. Call us on 01635 579 518 or alternatively reach out via our email We can arrange an initial meeting to discuss designs you would like to protect your lights and cameras.