Bespoke Music Flight Cases from Absolute Casing


Do you need a flight case for your music equipment? Here at Absolute Casing, we supply a wide range of music flight cases. Our selection includes guitar flight cases, keyboard flight cases, DJ flight cases and many more. Each product we offer is manufactured by our professional team. They use CAD and Alphacam technology to create bespoke case designs that meet your exact requirements.

Strong, Durable Music Flight Cases

Our cases are perfect for all types of musicians. Whether you are a solo artist or form part of a band we can assure the safe transportation of your instruments. The items inside will be protected against damage regardless of the shipping conditions your case will be put through.

This is made possible as our music flight cases are built with double angle extrusions. The extra extrusion creates stronger, more durable cases. Even if your case is subject to impacts during transit it will remain intact and the items inside unharmed.

If you have smaller, delicate items that require additional protection you can add a custom foam fitting to your order. They are designed in-house and fit around the shape of the instruments you wish to carry in your case. This prevents them from moving or rattling around inside.

Custom Music Flight Case

We design music equipment cases as you request them. We have an ISO 9001 certification that guarantees every case we manufacture is done so with a focus on the customers and using the correct management processes for such a task. To ensure you have a truly unique case we have an assortment of corporate branding options for you to choose from:

  • Powder Coated Furniture
  • Powder Coated Extrusions
  • Screen Printed Business Logos
  • Vinyl Wrapping
  • Coloured Materials
  • Coloured Foam Fittings

Our flight cases are available in a wide range of coloured laminates that are pressed in-house. A coloured case is ideal for helping your band to stand out from the crowd.

First Class Communication and Designs

From the moment you first contact us, we stay in regular communication with you. To begin with, we can have a phone call or a meeting. This gives us a starting point and allows us to gain a clear understanding of the ideas you have for your music flight case.

We then create initial designs and send them to you. Once you have reviewed them and given them the go ahead, we get to work. We can provide samples throughout the various stages of the manufacturing process.

Contact Absolute Casing

Browse our full collection of music flight cases online today. If you require any more information, or you would like to arrange a meeting with us, please contact us on 01635 579 518 or via


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