AZKE Aluminium Cases

The AZKE Range is extremely light, robust and scratch resistant.

  • Strong rounded corners and aluminium exterior ensure a modern, elegant look that remains robust.
  • High quality locks and hinges
  • Optimal carrying comfort through the ergonomically formed handle and/or trolley systems
  • Case body made from heavy-duty material bordered by aluminium edges and brackets
  • Option of screen printing and custom internal foam fittings upon request.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please call us on 01635 579518 to discuss your casing requirements.

£67.99 (£81.59 inc tax)
£89.58 (£107.50 inc tax)
£105.40 (£126.48 inc tax)
£79.95 (£95.94 inc tax)
£99.25 (£119.10 inc tax)