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Screen Lifter Case

Lift Control


Powered by one Kettle Plug


Laptop Shelf


Custom made cover


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The ultimate presentation case to suit any screen size

For extra aesthetic appeal we provide colour coded aluminium angle and case furniture to match the board.

A custom made concealed storage pocket can be incorporated into the case to store whatever documents or items you require to be transported with the screen.

Everything in the case is powered by one kettle plug. We take care of wiring everything up within the case during the manufacture so all you have to do is turn up on site, plug it in and away you go.

We will program the lifts to stop at the top and bottom in the correct location for your screen. You can then control the lifts either manually via the easily accessible controls on the top surface or impress your customers by using the remote control from anywhere within the room.

This optional laptop shelf provides a surface for you to store your laptop and plug it into the screen for presentation purposes. This way you can stand beside the screen showing a larger version of your laptop monitor.

A VGA monitor cable is pre wired into the case and stored in an easy to access pocket.

For extra protection we can provide a custom made cover to suit any size case. This gives added protection during transit and keeps your case looking newer for longer.

We can also personalise your case and cover with your company logo and any other text or images you may require.

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