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Date added: 01/12/2017 England Rugby Club

At Absolute Casing, we were asked to design and create a series of flight cases for the England Rugby Team.

We built 6 different bespoke flight cases that were designed to make life easier with customised drawers and storage spaces. 

Screen printing and coloured materials have been used to make these cases stand out and promote the team colours and badge. These features create a professional image and create cases that would be a perfect addition for every sports team.

England Rugby Club Flight CasesEngland Rugby Match Day Flight Case


The match day case and the shirts case were designed to keep kit organised. The labelled drawers allow the team to keep all clothing organised and tidy whilst the rail in the shirts case with personalised hangers allow the team to keep clean shirts crisp andclean while travelling.

The front panel of the match day case also works as a table! Hidden table legs in the back of the panel pull down and transform it into a useful table.

England Rugby Workstation Flight CaseEngland Rugby Club Flight Case

The workstation flight case features drawers with customisable storage space and a desk space where a laptop can be plugged in.

For more information on these flight cases and other flight cases that have been designed for sports teams, please visit our “Sports Flight Cases” page.

Date added: 17/11/2017 Why Choose Absolute Casing?

There are a handful of good flight case companies available but what makes us different?

At Absolute Casing, we specialise in quality. We go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure that your items are protected and stored safely and efficiently. All our flight cases are built with standard double angle extrusions that promise quality and protection for your items. 

A single angle extrusion will protect your items to an extent but it won’t be able to withstand the “wear and tear” of repeated transportation. Our flight cases are built to protect; our double angle extrusion ensures that your cases will be durable, strong and hard-wearing.

The image on the left shows the industry standard single angle extrusion. The image on the right shows Absolute Casing's standard double angle extrusion. A flight case from Absolute Casing is guaranteed to provide you with the highest quality protection that you won't find elsewhere.

Single Angle Extrusions vs Double Angle Extrusions

We put the single angle extrusion and the double angle extrusion to the test to see which is more durable. Watch this video to see the results:

Date added: 10/10/2017 London Fashion Week!

We recently designed and manufactured a set of shop furniture Flight Cases for True Staging. These flight cases were used in London Fashion Week 2017 at the Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Rock Circus.

The full set of shop flight cases consisted of 2 x chests of drawers, 1 x desk, 2 x shop counter and various smaller cases for accessories.

True Staging Shop Flight Cases

This full set of shop furniture flight cases was designed and manufactured within a 3-day turnaround! We’re very happy with the results and we think that the cases looked perfect at London Fashion Week.

 Tommy Hilfiger Twitter Screenshot


Our flight case featured in the background of this image that Tommy Hilfiger tweeted of Gigi Hadid! (This image was screenshotted from Tommy Hilfiger's twitter, we did not take this photo).

For more information on these cases, please visit the “standard flight case furniture” page

Date added: 22/08/2017 Google Jamboard Lifter Flight Case

Our Google Jamboard Screen Lifter Case is perfect for education, exhibitions, sports training, meetings and more.

  • Designed to present protect, transport and store, this case is the perfect accessory for your Google Jamboard.
  • With aesthetic red plywood and red powder coated furniture and extrusions this case is eye-catching and looks perfect with the red Google Jamboard.
  • This case can be made in a range of colours and can be screen printed or total vinyl wrapped to help promote your brand.
  • This case was designed and manufactured for BenQ. 

If you’re interested in this case, please click here for more information. Call us on 01635 579518 to discuss your casing requirements. 

 Google Jamboard Lifter Flight Case  Google Jamboard Lifter Flight Case

Google Jamboard Lifter Flight Case Google Jamboard Lifter Flight Case




Date added: 23/05/2017 The Ultimate Case For Any Presentation...

At Absolute Casing, we have developed a case that is the perfect companion for any presentation. Don't miss out on the perfect opportunity to improve your presentations, click here to view our range.

  • This “plug and play” style flight case provides you with optimum quality and protection.
  • Add a personal touch with the option of external screen printing or total vinyl wrapping.
  • Our screen lifter case range is suitable for every screen model from 50” to 98”. 
  • Our screen lifter flight cases are suitable for a wide variety of screen manufacturers including; Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, BenQ, Asus, Fujitsu, Orion Electrics, Epson, Hitachi, Pioneer and many more!

Absolute Presentation Case: Screen Lifter Case

Our screen lifter cases are perfect for a variety of scenarios:

  • Sports teams: Used for training and evaluation sessions for sports such as football, rugby, tennis and cricket.
  • Education: A portable case for assemblies, teacher training and lessons.
  • Presentations: Perfect screen case for producing effective presentations to portray your new ideas or products.
  • Business: The ideal interactive companion for meetings and training sessions.

Date added: 12/04/2017 Barbican Theatre Bespoke Cases

  • We recently finished a bespoke Flight Case project for the Barbican Theatre.
  • The Flight Cases were designed to store, transport and protect a projector and allow the projector to be used while in the case.
  • We also needed to design a system that stopped people from being able to rest drinks on top of the case.
  • We designed the raised edging on the top of the case to solve the drinks issue, the uneven surface ensures that drinks cannot be rested on the case and protects the interior of the case from potential liquid damage.
  • We used matte black powder coated extrusions and furnishings to ensure that this case is perfect for use backstage or around the theatre.
  • The engraved logos on this case create a personal and professional finish, this is an aesthetic option that we can offer for any case. A sophisticated alternative to screen printing.
  • Another day, another challenge for Absolute Casing! 
Barbican Theatre Projector CaseBarbican Theatre Projector CaseBarbican Theatre Projector CaseBarbican Theatre Projector Case

Date added: 17/03/2017 Drone Cases!

At Absolute Casing, we have developed various cases/internals to protect and store drones.  

The most recent drone case that we’ve worked on was for H Robotics:

  • The case protects and stores all equipment needed for the drone, making this case very user friendly. 
  • The case has custom foam fitting inserts that provide shock-resistant protection, it provides bespoke storage space for the batteries and aerials, a mount for the screen and a stand for the iPad used to control the drone. 
  • We’ve even included a charging station within this case that links to useful LED panels on the outside of the case that tells you the amount of charge that the drone has. 
  • The case also has a detachable launch/landing pad that features the H Robotics logo, produced by our screen printing technologies. 
H Robotics Drone CaseH Robotics Drone Case H Robotics Drone Case
More examples of drone cases:

Drone CaseDrone Case

Date added: 08/03/2017 E-Leather Presentation Cases

Date added: 15/11/2016 Absolute Casing in New York City!

Date added: 21/09/2016 Launch of the new futuristic flight case: The Robust Case.