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Samsung Screen Flight Cases

Our TV flight case is ideal if you’re looking for a suitable solution for keeping your plasma, LCD or LED Samsung screen safe. Here at Absolute Casing, we provide a wide range of sizes to suit your specific requirements, so you needn’t worry about finding a flight case that fits your TV comfortably.

At Absolute Casing, our team of professionals cater for the needs of all customers who are looking to store their Samsung TV securely. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can create a bespoke Samsung flight case to suit your requirements. We are always on hand to provide you with any advice or support that you need, so don’t hesitate to speak to us if you have any queries!

Our Samsung flight case is a heavy-duty solution for storing your Samsung TV, preventing it from any damage. The TV travel case is ideal if you want to protect your valuables whilst transporting them from A to B. Our TV travel case is a reliable way to keep your products safe, reducing the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

In terms of design, you cannot beat our Samsung flight case! The TV flight case is designed to be sturdy and makes no compromise to the quality of your TV screen. We supply the TV flight case in black, blue, red and grey, so be sure to choose something that meets your stylish needs.

If you’re looking for a TV travel case that provides you with the best value for money, look no further than Absolute Casing!

All cases come with the option of screen printed logos and come in a range of standard colours: 

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grey

32" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 39" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 40" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 46" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 48" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 55" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 58" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 60" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 
65" Samsung Screen Flight Case 75" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 82" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 85" Samsung Screen Flight Cases 95" Samsung Screen Flight Cases