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KA 74 Range

The KA74 is the best choice when you have the highest demands with regard to protection of very valuable, fragile or hazardous loads during transportation or storage. The Defender KA74 boxes have withstood various tests for wear, rain and dropping with flying colours. The KA74 boxes are made of high-quality materials and the boxes are easy to use because of their low weight and the comfortable handles. In terms of logistics, the KA74 boxes are also very practical; with their aluminium corner pieces, they are stackable and the dimensions have been optimized for pallet transport. The KA74 is also available with UN approval mark for the transportation of hazardous materials. Please contact our sales department for this. We offer a wide range of standard sizes. If these are not adequate for your products, we can make them to specification for you.

 Main features:

  • Extremely Strong Construction; Absolute Top Quality
  • Can Be Made To Customized Dimensions
  • Stackable
  • Waterproof In Accordance With Class IP54
  • Riveted And Fitted With SST Piano Hinge
  • Two Nylon Lid Straps
  • Latches Ready For Padlock Or Cylinder Lock
  • Solid Handles; Able To Carry 50 kg Weight Per Handle
  • Available With UN Approval Mark For The Transport Of Hazardous Loads
  • The Boxes Can Be Fitted With A Customized Interior
  • The Boxes Can Be Painted In Any Colour And Printed With Your Logo Or Text
  • Several Options Available: Side Wheels, Cylinder Locks, Castors
Defender KA74-001 Aluminium Case - FAE.003379


Defender KA74-002 Aluminium Case - FAE.003380


Defender KA74-003 Aluminium Case - FAE.003381


Defender KA74-004 Aluminium Case - FAE.003382


Defender KA74-005 Aluminium Case - FAE.003383


Defender KA74-006 Aluminium Case - FAE.003384


Defender KA74-007 Aluminium Case - FAE.003385


Defender KA74-008 Aluminium Case - FAE.003386


Defender KA74-009 Aluminium Case - FAE.003387


Defender KA74-010 Aluminium Case - FAE.003388


Defender KA74-011 Aluminium Case - FAE.003389


Defender KA74-012 Aluminium Case - FAE.003390